My Name Is Nick Mazzeo

I am the father of the best children Nicholas and Ava who are 3 year old twins! And Husband to the most wonderful supportive beautiful wife, her name is Brooke and she's the best!

My day job is a business analyst but I have goals of going full time because I want to do what I love every day instead of what I need to do.

I love to spend time with my family, woodwork, run, and worship.

This is all still new to me while everything is bare bones right now as I continue to put more time and effort into this it will grow and become bigger. I am constantly evolving ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Purpose Of Make It Mazzeo

My purpose is to inspire, educate, and document. In my opinion, making should be the norm no matter what you make, so if my videos can inspire people to go out and make something it is a success. If I can educate someone on the process of what I build and teach how not only to build but also take a complicated project and tackle it one piece at a time I am happy. And lastly I want to eventually have a very big and long list of everything I have ever made, and videos and pictures to document everything!


For me to do what I want to do with Make it Mazzeo it takes a community and a TON of support from people like you! If you are here, Thank you so much! it really means a lot for you to stop by and spend some time here, make sure to check out my youtube channel and any of my social media platforms!