DIY Princess Dress Up Station with Vanity

My daughter LOVES the Disney princesses and constantly dresses up like them. Most days she wakes up and the first thing she says in the morning is which character she wants to dress up like. "Mommy, Daddy today I want to be Belle." 

As a maker I am constantly looking for creative ways to build something to solve a problem. The problem here was we were running out of space to store these dresses and accessories. Shoes would be lying wherever she decided to take them off, all the hats and hair bands were scattered in random drawers about the house making it difficult when a needy 3 year old says BUT I WANT THE ELSA HEAD BAND! 

So, this project began where all of my best projects begin. My wife and I were watching TV when she said, "Hey you should build a dress up station, I saw a few on Pinterest." The next day I was designing a dress up station, taking inspiration and ideas from others who made similar things and adding different touches. I decided to go with the decoupage shelves and researched how to do that. (I made my own video of this process being unsatisfied with many of the other tutorials).

I began cutting down a full 4x8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood to the rough sizes of the sides, bottom, and shelves, and cut out the dowel rod for the clothes to hang on. Then I screwed it all together, decoupaged the shelves, painted, and added a couple coats of wipe on polyurethane. 

For a large yet simple project this gets used A TON. My daughter loved this and played with it pretty much all Christmas day and has played with it almost every day since. My son added some of his own costumes to this which made me make him a place to put all of his costumes as well.

For me, this is what making is all about, a problem arose, a thought was had, a design was made, and that design was executed and actually made better during the process, and it made a little girl very happy. 

I always leave all of my videos with my own mantra and I think I will start doing that here as well.

So... until next time... MAKE, CREATE, and DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Thank you!