DIY Raised Planter Box

So my wife and I wanted to try our hand at some gardening. First step was to build a garden, but none of the soil where we live is really good enough for a vegetable garden and I have always liked the look of the raised gardens. 

The coolest part about this project for me was that I could say that anyone could build this. It was relatively easy and inexpensive. 

First my son and I went to the nearest Lowes while my wife and daughter were off at the grocery store and picked up everything we needed. He had fun riding in the big cart and trying to push it. He actually pushed the cart with all of the wood I was so proud! When we got home we all unloaded the car which was so much fun and really meant a lot to have the whole family involved. 

During all of the cuts the family got pretty bored but when it came time to use the drill and sander the whole family got involved and I gave my son a drill with nothing in the chuck to play with and he had a blast pretending to drill the holes.

All in all I was pretty proud of this really simple build and that's what I find most exciting. That someone might see this and be inspired to make one of their own, build it, and get this feeling of satisfaction. Especially someone who might not do this often.

There are more videos and tips to come on this. I am going to make a cover for this to keep the deer and animals out once the plants start really growing, and I'm also going to make a toolbox that will attach to the garden.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you enjoyed watching and reading!