Garbage Cabinet

Excuse the name, I could not come up with something clever. Sometimes you need to call it like it is! 

This project, like most of my projects, came out of necessity. I was looking for a way to hide our garbage can and found all kinds of garbage can hide-a-ways online. But when I build something I usually like to make it as functional as possible. Being that we needed some more drawer space I decided I would add a drawer to the top of it. Also the need for more counter-space is a big one around here, so I made the top the height of the rest of my counters which has worked out especially perfectly for cutting up vegetables and being able to slide the cut-offs straight from the cutting board into the garbage underneath. 

While I want my videos to be more instructional in the future, at the moment they are more of an inspirational video and hopefully the build and tips come through in the video.

Below I added the VERY ROUGH plans that I worked off of. Many people requested this so here they are.