DIY Princess Dress Up Station with Vanity

My daughter LOVES the Disney princesses and constantly dresses up like them. Most days she wakes up and the first thing she says in the morning is which character she wants to dress up like. "Mommy, Daddy today I want to be Belle." 

As a maker I am constantly looking for creative ways to build something to solve a problem. The problem here was we were running out of space to store these dresses and accessories. Shoes would be lying wherever she decided to take them off, all the hats and hair bands were scattered in random drawers about the house making it difficult when a needy 3 year old says BUT I WANT THE ELSA HEAD BAND! 

So, this project began where all of my best projects begin. My wife and I were watching TV when she said, "Hey you should build a dress up station, I saw a few on Pinterest." The next day I was designing a dress up station, taking inspiration and ideas from others who made similar things and adding different touches. I decided to go with the decoupage shelves and researched how to do that. (I made my own video of this process being unsatisfied with many of the other tutorials).

I began cutting down a full 4x8 sheet of 3/4 inch plywood to the rough sizes of the sides, bottom, and shelves, and cut out the dowel rod for the clothes to hang on. Then I screwed it all together, decoupaged the shelves, painted, and added a couple coats of wipe on polyurethane. 

For a large yet simple project this gets used A TON. My daughter loved this and played with it pretty much all Christmas day and has played with it almost every day since. My son added some of his own costumes to this which made me make him a place to put all of his costumes as well.

For me, this is what making is all about, a problem arose, a thought was had, a design was made, and that design was executed and actually made better during the process, and it made a little girl very happy. 

I always leave all of my videos with my own mantra and I think I will start doing that here as well.

So... until next time... MAKE, CREATE, and DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Thank you!

DIY Raised Planter Box

So my wife and I wanted to try our hand at some gardening. First step was to build a garden, but none of the soil where we live is really good enough for a vegetable garden and I have always liked the look of the raised gardens. 

The coolest part about this project for me was that I could say that anyone could build this. It was relatively easy and inexpensive. 

First my son and I went to the nearest Lowes while my wife and daughter were off at the grocery store and picked up everything we needed. He had fun riding in the big cart and trying to push it. He actually pushed the cart with all of the wood I was so proud! When we got home we all unloaded the car which was so much fun and really meant a lot to have the whole family involved. 

During all of the cuts the family got pretty bored but when it came time to use the drill and sander the whole family got involved and I gave my son a drill with nothing in the chuck to play with and he had a blast pretending to drill the holes.

All in all I was pretty proud of this really simple build and that's what I find most exciting. That someone might see this and be inspired to make one of their own, build it, and get this feeling of satisfaction. Especially someone who might not do this often.

There are more videos and tips to come on this. I am going to make a cover for this to keep the deer and animals out once the plants start really growing, and I'm also going to make a toolbox that will attach to the garden.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you enjoyed watching and reading!

Garbage Cabinet

Excuse the name, I could not come up with something clever. Sometimes you need to call it like it is! 

This project, like most of my projects, came out of necessity. I was looking for a way to hide our garbage can and found all kinds of garbage can hide-a-ways online. But when I build something I usually like to make it as functional as possible. Being that we needed some more drawer space I decided I would add a drawer to the top of it. Also the need for more counter-space is a big one around here, so I made the top the height of the rest of my counters which has worked out especially perfectly for cutting up vegetables and being able to slide the cut-offs straight from the cutting board into the garbage underneath. 

While I want my videos to be more instructional in the future, at the moment they are more of an inspirational video and hopefully the build and tips come through in the video.

Below I added the VERY ROUGH plans that I worked off of. Many people requested this so here they are.